• Meet our Coaches

  • Natasha Shiroka


    Beginners Advance, Intermediate, Teenagers, Competitive

    Natasha has been involved in gymnastics from the age 6. From an early age, she showed a talent for the sport and it was the start of a competitive Gymnastics career which spanned 12 years. She participated in local and international competitions and was a regular prize-winner. After completing a degree in Economics, Natasha pursued a career in accounting at the same time as raising a family. Shortly after arriving in Qatar, she decided to return to gymnastics and share her gymnastics knowledge. Natasha is now enjoying the chance to pass her experience and expertise to the young gymnasts here at Bounce Gymnastics.

  • Iskandar Mraidi


    Beginners, Advance, Intermediate, Teenagers, Competitive

    Iskandar holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Sports from the University of Higher Sports Education Department and Physical Education as well as the Higher Institute of Sport and Physical Education Kassar Said, Tunisia. Since earning his degree, he furthered his skills through several courses in gymnastics teaching and coaching. 

    He is an active member of the Tunisian National Gymnastics team since 2000 and began coaching in Tunisia. Iskandar joined our Bounce Fitness Qatar team in 2016 with the aim to lead hundreds of our athletes to success at both local and international competitions.