• Meet our Coaches

  • Olena Hogan

    Head Coach

    Olena started out in gymnastics in Kiev, Ukraine during the Soviet era. She competed nationally and internationally and attained a Masters in Sport (USSR). Having completed a degree in Economics Olena pursued a career in business - and the business of raising a family while traveling extensively. She taught tiny-tots in Azerbaijan and adult fitness in Pakistan. Having settled in Ireland in 2000, she returned to gymnastics as a coach, qualified as a national judge and was twice elected Vice President of the Irish Gymnastics Federation. She resumed her studies in and 2007 was awarded a degree in Physical Education specializing in gymnastics coaching. Shortly after arriving in Qatar in 2009, she began coaching with the national Gymnastics Federation, leaving in 2013 to take up her present role.

  • Natasha Shiroka


    Beginners Advance, Intermediate, Teenagers, Competitive

    Natasha has been involved in gymnastics from the age 6. From an early age, she showed a talent for the sport and it was the start of a competitive Gymnastics career which spanned 12 years. She participated in local and international competitions and was a regular prize-winner. After completing a degree in Economics, Natasha pursued a career in accounting at the same time as raising a family. Shortly after arriving in Qatar, she decided to return to gymnastics and share her gymnastics knowledge. Natasha is now enjoying the chance to pass her experience and expertise to the young gymnasts here at Bounce Gymnastics.

  • Janet Caddick


    Beginners, Intermediate, Competitive

     Janet competed in artistic gymnastics until age 18 in South Africa winning regional and provincial colors and reaching level 7 of 12. She has 14 years experience teaching both beginners and competitve artistic gymnastics. For 3 years, she founded and ran a beginner's non-competitive gymnastic club in South Africa before relocating to Qatar. Janet is a member of the South African Gymnastics Federation and is certified as a Coach for Beginners and Competitive level 1 - 6 and a certified judge for Beginners and Competitive levels 1 - 6. In addition to her gymnastics experience, she holds a Bachelor of Education degree and currently studies for her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development and Education. In her spare time, Janet still practices both artistic gymnastics and partner acrobatics non-competitively. 

  • Anna Rossa-Zalewski


    Baby Gym, Beginners

    Anna holds a Master degree in Physical Education and Sport with gymnastics specialization. For 3 years, she leads gymnastics beginner groups. Anna is a person with a lot of energy, which she always tries to transfer to her young gymnasts, so they may establish a positive motivation towards the sport. Anna's favorite part of coaching gymnastics is helping create strong personalities in the children, by teaching them to never give up, get up and try again!

  • Vicky Shiroka


    Beginners, Intermediate

    Vicky studied Physical Education in Lugansk, Ukraine after which she taught PE in College for 10 years. From 2005-2006 she was the Deputy of Sports School and became Principle of Sports School from 2006-2008. Vicky relocated to Qatar in 2011 where she began working in Kindergarten teaching gymnastics. 

  • Hiba Ben Guedria

    Assistant Coach

    Hiba studied Physical Education and Sport in Tunisia with Aerogym specialization. She has 3 years experience teaching gymnastics beginner groups in Tunisia before relocating to Qatar. Currently, she is a sports teacher here in Qatar and she is also an aerobic and Zumba® trainer for kids.